NASA honours OMEGA’s dedication to space exploration


On May 12, OMEGA celebrated its dedication to space travel with NASA. The event, which included an interactive tour of NASA’s facilities and a Q&A session, offered guests an in-depth look into the integral relationship between the two organizations.

OMEGA has acted as NASA’s trusted partner in space exploration since the first lunar landing in 1969. At that time, their iconic Speedmaster watch became the first timepiece to ever be worn on the moon; from this time forward, the model has accompanied astronauts on all six lunar landings.

The Speedmaster also played a major role in helping the Apollo 13 crew to return safely to Earth. During the Q&A session, astronaut Captain James Lovell recounted the watch’s importance in the crew’s “[safe] return” to Earth, specifically describing its use as an emergency timing device. For the Speedmaster’s excellence during the mission, NASA thanked OMEGA with the Silver Snoopy award, the highest honour a non-governmental entity can receive from the space organization.

When asked how the watches had been used during regular space travel, astronaut General James Stafford said, “accuracy was so important, every move we’d make was calculated. The watch was an integral part of all of our activities.” CJ