Noam Carver and CrownRing recognized at 2017 Centurion Design Awards


Noam Carver, designer at CrownRing Bridal House, was awarded first place in the engagement ring category at the 2017 Centurion Design Awards.


Carver’s winning piece (pictured above) was an Edwardian-inspired enameled engagement ring with a contemporary twist. The 18k yellow gold and white enamel ring features a 1.5-carat round diamond and 19k white gold under gallery.


The awards, which were presented at the Centurion Jewelry Show in Scottsdale, spanned across 12 categories. These included Bridal/Engagement Rings, Bridal/Wedding and Anniversary Bands, Colored Stone Classic, Colored Stone Fashion, Diamond Classic, Diamond Fashion, Gold, Mixed Precious Metals, Pearls, Platinum, Sterling Silver, and Watches.


This year, the show also offered an Editors’ Choice Award. For this category, all members of the editorial press and bloggers were invited to choose one piece they found to be the most innovative and trend-inspiring overall.

Winners were announced via slideshow Monday evening during the Centurion Sweet 16 party, sponsored by The Knot.

The Centurion Scottsdale Show took place from January 28–February 1, 2017.

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