Online Jeweller Empowers All Shoppers to Become Philanthropists

The Jewel In Giving is an online jewelry store built on a socially conscious and eco-friendly foundation, offering the opportunity for shoppers to give back to a charity of their choice with each purchase.



The Jewel In Giving, a Boca Raton based online jewellery company that is predominately female owned, is seeking to change the way that people shop for jewelry. Their new eCommerce site allows all jewellery shoppers to become philanthropists, while shopping thousands of competitively priced pieces. 

With each purchase made at, 12.5% of the total purchase price is donated to a charitable organization of the customers’ choice. 

For example, a $200 jewellery purchase allows for the customer to designate $25 to a participating charity. 

At The Jewel In Giving, shoppers can choose from thousands of pieces of jewelry at various price points. 

There are no extra steps or costs, just a deeper meaning associated with the jewellery purchase. In addition, every component of the company has been built within a socially conscious framework. The jewellery customer will be able to purchase products made from recycled gold, ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones and eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds. All jewellery boxes and marketing materials come from recycled paper, allowing for the customer to feel good about their entire shopping experience.

“Philanthropy and eCommerce jewellery shopping are no longer mutually exclusive. We like to ask – why buy jewellery anywhere else?” said Matteo Valcavi, Director of Marketing for The Jewel In Giving. “Customers are drawn to our site for the best prices and highest quality pieces, while at the same time, they leave with a purchase that actually makes a difference in the world. This is a win-win for everyone.”

For IRS 501(c)(3) approved organizations looking to participate with The Jewel In Giving, the benefits are substantial. With the popularity of eCommerce, charities participating with The Jewel In Giving stand to create a robust new revenue stream with little work on their end.

The Jewel In Giving was the organic blending of a 30-year-old family owned wholesale diamond and jewellery business fused with over 20-year deeply entrenched philanthropic involvement. The company’s motto, Buy Something Beautiful, Do Something Beautiful, sums up their mission perfectly.