Photoscribe jewellery inscription service to operate exclusively from IGI


The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has announced that Photoscribe, its jewellery inscription service, will now operate solely from the Institute’s New York laboratory. This program, which specializes in laser engraving, provides customers with high-definition, high-resolution engravings on articles of jewellery.

This move will augment the Institute’s in-house inscription services, which include 3-D diamond and jewellery imaging in addition to IGI’s independent comprehensive analysis and evaluations of fine jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. The re-location will also provide the infrastructure for PhotoScribe’s continued success.

“IGI consistently evaluates opportunities to empower jewellery buyers with knowledge and confidence, and strives to deliver added benefits for consumers,” says IGI president Jerry Ehrenwald, G.G., A.S.A. “We believe the operational move of PhotoScribe to IGI’s New York lab will further enhance our state-of-the-art offerings.”

Adds David Benderly, CEO of PhotoScribe, “After many years of consistent growth, we found ourselves needing greater capacity to best serve our customers. The inclusion of PhotoScribe on-site at IGI demonstrates the Institute’s commitment to adding value for consumers in the fine jewelry marketplace.”