QNET Presents Enhanced Portfolio of Personal Care, Luxury Products, And Metaverse Ambitions at Virtual Convention



This was the fourth event in the virtual edition of the flagship convention since the pivot to virtual due to the global pandemic.
“With virtual events now a global norm, we had to find new ways to keep our convention exciting and engaging for our participants. The main advantage of virtual events is it allows us to reach a much wider audience than ever before since the cost of participation is much lower. We strive to give our audience interesting and engaging content and an immersive experience that allows them to experience the magic and energy of being in a stadium surrounded by thousands of others. Fortunately, technology has allowed us to experiment and innovate with the virtual experience we give our audience, including a glimpse of QNET in the metaverse,” says Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET.
Utilizing technological tools such as Unreal Engine and a virtual production suite, QNET transported audience members through different settings ranging from mesmerizing city skylines to a dazzling centre stage inside a virtual stadium in a 3D environment.


QNET launched a new addition to its Swiss-made skincare brand Physio Radiance called the Physio Radiance Expert series, a revolutionary personal care line that addresses the most prominent signs of ageing around the eyes, face, and neck.

The Physio Radiance Expert series taps into the explosive growth in the global skincare market – valued at approximately USD140 billion in 2020 —  as consumers have been moving their dollars from cosmetics to skincare and other self-care rituals as they spend more time at home as a result of the global pandemic.

The Physio Radiance Expert products include Instant Youth for Eyes and Instant Youth for Face. These new products use a breakthrough dermo-cosmetic formula that incorporates science-backed and clinically-tested active ingredients and is devised from a patented blend of natural extracts. The Expert series is hypoallergenic and proven to deliver both immediate and long-term benefits and aims to repair past damage, reset the skin, and protect it from future harm.

“Personal care is becoming increasingly essential to our daily routines. As more people explore their options and learn about the science behind a product, the demand for products that have demonstrable results is on an upwards trend,” says Caluza. “Our goal with Physio Radiance Expert is to respond to that demand and bring high-quality, efficacious products for our customers across the globe.”


Bernhard H. Mayer, QNET’s luxury Swiss watch and jewellery brand, proudly showed off its newest Empire collection at VCC2022 – beautifully finished Swiss-Made timepieces for him and her. Crafted with precision engineering, the Empire collection combines a classic style with a contemporary, sophisticated design aesthetic. Both gender variants come in two designs: stainless steel and rose gold, each embodying the sleek elegance and classic refinement befitting the collection’s title.

The brand also showcased its latest accessory for men, the Classe bangle, a statement piece in 18K gold-lined cuff, that also serves as a versatile accessory that effortlessly matches any outfit or occasion.

The Swiss luxury industry is known to be traditional with relatively rigid retail habits. Yet Bernhard H. Mayer embraced e-commerce as its primary channel of distribution early on and charted new growth as online retail surged throughout the pandemic.

Now, the brand is ready for the next phase of growth: the metaverse, an immersive virtual reality space where customers can engage in a highly curated physical-to-digital reality where they can see, touch, and experience Bernhard H. Mayer’s Swiss-Made luxury watches and jewellery. A preview of Bernhard H. Mayer’s upcoming metaverse destination, in partnership with virtual-world platform Decentraland, was one of the highlights of the convention.

Referring to how Bernhard H. Mayer aims to explore new avenues to bring its luxury offerings to a broader audience, Caluza says, “Bernhard H. Mayer’s unique blend of e-commerce and direct-to-consumer strategy has seen the brand experience great success over the past few years. We’re embracing the convergence of our physical and digital worlds via metaverse platforms as an opportunity for growth in the luxury watch and jewellery industry.”

Alongside Bernhard H. Mayer’s mission to drive a new path to accessibility in the luxury industry through e-commerce and the metaverse, the brand is firmly holding onto its promise of sustainability. All Bernhard H. Mayer’s fine jewellery products use ethically-sourced recycled gold from members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the leading ethical standard within the jewellery industry.