Rado Unveils New Anatom Models at Untitled Art, Miami Beach: A Blend of Heritage and Innovation


Rado at Untitled Art, Miami Beach: The Newest Anatom Models are Unveiled

Rado, a name synonymous with innovation and design in the world of luxury watches, has recently partnered with Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2023, to unveil its breathtaking new interpretations of the game-changing Anatom watch. This event marked a significant moment in the brand’s history, celebrating both its rich heritage and its forward-looking vision in watchmaking.

A Timeless Tribute to Design and Comfort
Adrian Bosshard, the CEO of Rado, expressed his excitement about the new releases. Speaking to an audience of watch enthusiasts and industry experts, Bosshard highlighted what these watches represent for the brand: “These new Anatom references stand today – as they did in 1983 – for timeless unique design and incomparable wearing pleasure.” The name ‘Anatom’ itself is a nod to the watch’s perfectly anatomical fit on the wrist, complemented by its rounded crystal. Bosshard emphasized, “They not only represent our design DNA but also highlight our signature material, high-tech ceramic.”

Drawing Inspiration from the Past, Looking Towards the Future
The new Anatom models are a testament to Rado’s ability to blend vintage charm with contemporary sophistication. These watches are not just timekeeping devices but are a homage to a classic design, reimagined for the stylish, contemporary watch aficionado. They stand as a symbol of Rado’s enduring legacy and its unwavering dedication to innovation in the field of horology.


A Perfect Setting for a Landmark Unveiling
The partnership with Untitled Art and the picturesque beach location provided the ideal backdrop for the unveiling of the much-anticipated Anatom models. “We’ve been confident that these watches would create metaphorical waves in the world of horology,” said Bosshard. He added, “I can’t imagine a better place to introduce them than this beautiful place, where literal waves are just a few meters away.”

The unveiling of the new Anatom models at Untitled Art, Miami Beach, is a significant milestone for Rado. It highlights the brand’s commitment to blending artistic design with technological innovation. These watches are more than just timepieces; they are a celebration of Rado’s journey in the world of luxury watches, a journey marked by a passion for design and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

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