Rare gemstone prices continue to set records at auctions


The small but significant group of the world’s wealthiest people continue to break the record prices for rare gemstones in auctions. The record for the highest price ever paid for a vivid pink diamond at an auction was broken on October 7 when a private buyer from Asia paid $17,768,041 for a 8.41ct vivid pink diamond.

The GIA-graded vivid purple-pink diamond, graded Fancy Vivid by GIA, was bought at Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong. It came close to breaking the record for the all-time per-carat price for a gemstone, with $2.1 million per carat.

The gemstone that holds the record for highest price is a pink diamond graded Fancy Intense by GIA, weighing 24.78 cts. It sold for $46 million in 2010. CJ