Sauro unveils impressive website, new collection


Since we last profiled Sauro Italia Gioielli Oltre in 2014 in our publication, the brand has continued to surpass expectations and live up to its rich history and prominent image under the direction of company President Johnny Sapir. One of Sauro’s most recent developments includes a completely revamped website that Sapir prides for being ultra stylish and simplistic.

“It keeps in line with Suaro’s history and its past,” he explains. “Yet it’s very simple and straightforward.” The new site reflects that luxury lifestyle that the brand appeals to and features a wide array of high-quality and precise product images organized in a very simplistic yet stylish manner. Sapir also points to the website’s newly developed dealer locator, which allows clients to find their nearest Sauro retailer anywhere in the world using a virtual map.

Sauro has also released a brand new line of product that aims to accessorize existing menswear and watches and continues to push boundaries by combining design with engineering elements.

“Now it has become more of an accessory game than just about jewellery,” says Sapir. “We’re trying to bring that focus into the men’s industry and what sets us apart is our quality of craftsmanship and the engineering behind our jewellery.”

Read more in the April/May 2015 issue of Canadian Jeweller Magazine.

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