Sharon Otterman Appointed as Chief Marketing Officer of Macy’s, Inc.


Macy’s, Inc. has announced the appointment of Sharon Otterman as its new Chief Marketing Officer, effective from December 11. Otterman, bringing a wealth of experience from various leading roles in the entertainment, media, and sports industries, will report directly to Tony Spring, the president and CEO-elect of Macy’s.

 Sharon Otterman’s Role and Vision for Macy’s

Sharon Otterman is set to take the helm of Macy’s marketing division, steering the company’s strategic marketing efforts. Her role will encompass the evolution of Macy’s brand, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty across diverse market segments. Otterman’s responsibilities include overseeing brand activation, campaign advertising, creative planning, visual merchandising, and media strategy.

A notable aspect of her role is the management and innovation of Macy’s iconic experiences, such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade, July 4th Fireworks, and the annual Spring Flower Show. These events have been pivotal in defining Macy’s brand identity and customer appeal.

A Rich Background in Marketing and Brand Evolution

Sharon Otterman’s career spans over 25 years in the marketing sector. Prior to joining Macy’s, she served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Caesars Entertainment. Here, she notably launched the Caesars Sportsbook and played a crucial role in enhancing the brand’s presence in the sports betting and gaming industry. Her previous roles include significant positions at Madison Square Garden Company, NBCUniversal’s News Division, and ESPN. In these roles, Otterman was instrumental in developing creative marketing campaigns that drove brand growth and profitability.

Her academic credentials include a B.S. in Corporate Communications from Ithaca College and an Executive MBA from New York University.

Leadership’s Expectations and Otterman’s Impact

Tony Spring, the president and CEO-elect of Macy’s, Inc., expressed enthusiasm for Sharon Otterman’s appointment. He highlighted her diverse background and successful track record in evolving brands and creating impactful marketing campaigns. Spring anticipates that Otterman’s expertise will introduce new dimensions to Macy’s retail experience, enhancing both the in-store and online customer journey.

 The Future of Macy’s Under Sharon Otterman

Sharon Otterman’s appointment comes at a pivotal time for Macy’s, as the retail giant seeks to strengthen its market presence and adapt to the evolving retail landscape. Her experience and strategic approach are expected to play a key role in Macy’s future growth and customer engagement strategies.

Conclusion and Engagement:
Sharon Otterman’s vision for Macy’s marketing strategies is eagerly anticipated by the retail industry. How do you think her expertise will transform the Macy’s brand experience? Share your thoughts in the comments.