Rembrandt Charms introduces new Solar Eclipse Charms


The Celestial Wonder Captured in Jewellery

Rembrandt Charms introduces the celestial addition to its radiant and rare collection, Solar Eclipse Charms, created in Sterling Silver and Karat Gold. Created to capture nature’s creativity, the beauty of a solar eclipse, the charms are made using new high-tech equipment to engrave and paint accents that will highlight the way the celestial alignment sparkles. A perfect charm for your favorite astronomer or charm collector, this Solar Eclipse Charm brilliantly represents some of nature’s grandeur and the mystery of the cosmos. Each of the charms is meticulously designed to mirror the breathtaking phenomena where the sun and moon dance, therefore making them breathtaking pieces of wearable art. Gifted to the beloved or treating oneself to a piece of the universe, the charms are timeless in any jewelry collection. Get the latest in the universe with Rembrandt Charms. Let your charm collection shine as brightly as the stars with Rembrandt Charms.

Engraved or Painted – Solar Eclipse Charms

About Rembrandt Charms:

Family owned and operated, Rembrandt Charms has been a designer and manufacturer of charms and charm bracelets for nearly half a century. “Only Rembrandt Charms gives you over ten thousand charms in such wide-ranging precious metals as Sterling Silver, Gold Plate, 10 and 14 Karat Yellow Gold, and 14 Karat White Gold. Sterling Silver merchandise is Rhodium Plated to prevent tarnishing.

Every Rembrandt Charm is made in the USA or Canada and carries a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. From the item we offer to the service we give, we want you, our customer, to be 100% satisfied. The Rembrandt Charms collection is only sold to registered retail jewellers.