Stuller first in US to offer certified CanadaMark melee


Stuller, Inc. and Dominion Diamond Corporation have partnered up to spread CanadaMark melee diamonds further across the North American market. The supplier is the first to offer these stones in the US.


“Stuller has always carried melee diamonds, but now through the CanadaMark melee program, we’ll be able to offer our customers natural melee that has been tracked from mine to market,” says Stanley Zale, vice-president of diamonds and gemstones. “The CanadaMark melee is an addition to Dominion’s CanadaMark hallmark program for certified diamonds that was rejuvenated three years ago.”


“The program will track melee diamonds in batches through audited processes at every stage from country of origin to polished stone,” continues Zale. “Because of its size, melee is rarely tracked, so this is a big deal.”


Every batch of CanadaMark melee from Stuller is responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories, in full compliance with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct, and natural and untreated.


“At Stuller, our goal has always been to provide our customers with complete product offerings in the most environmentally conscious way possible,” adds founder and CEO Matt Stuller. “With remarkable gem-quality properties and now traceable origins, CanadaMark melee will help us in meeting that goal.”


“Our market research shows that there is strong demand for natural and traceable diamonds from Canada,” notes Jim Pounds, Dominion’s executive vice-president of diamonds. “This is especially true for the millennial consumer audience that values ethical sourcing. CanadaMark melee is an exciting addition to our existing program, and we at Dominion look forward to building out this partnership with Stuller.”