Stuller now distributing the GemCam™ Imaging System!


All jewellers can relate: selling loose gems and diamonds can be difficult, but the process doesn’t have to be. The GemCam™ Imaging System is new technology that allows jewellers to take high-quality photos and videos of loose gemstones and diamonds for easy viewing that can push sales forward. What’s more, Stuller is the exclusive North American dealer, with the exception of New York, of the new GemCam™ Imaging System!

The innovative photo system is full of great features to help sell your gems, some of which include:

  • Gem gripping accommodation
  • Built in LED white lights
  • Zoom up to 40x
  • Operates on long-lasting battery
  • Compatible with any smartphone or tablet

In addition, the GemCam™ Imaging System is lightweight, easily portable, and provide you with a white background to ensure that your coloured stones and precious diamonds stand out.

You can learn more about the product online at Stuller.

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