Swarovski Unveils New Lab-Grown Diamond Collection

Swarovski launched 16 new Swarovski Created Diamonds in Astonishing Cuts and Colours During Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week



Swarovski is not just sitting pretty. As times change so to must the brave and Swarovski is choosing the later, taking the market by storm by unveiling a new lab-grown diamond collection.

The brand unveiled the stunning collection during Paris’ fashion week. The collection debuted 16 colours presented in four pillars referencing the creative fields strongly associated with Swarovski: Fashion, Art, Music & Architecture. Swarovski’s colourful collection captures the imagination fusing craftsmanship and cutting edge technological innovation. The new collection is touted as the most extensive assortment of hues available on the global market today. The colours reflect a callback to Swarovski’s history of colourful creative collaborations and ingenuity. The colours of the stones are taken from inspirations: the sky in a cubist painting, a gothic sculpture, a couture gown and the colours from a variety of music cultures.

Each pillar of the lab-grown diamonds contain four cushion cut diamonds dominated by the boldest of the four colours. They are available in 2.5 ct. The rest of the three colours are 1.25 ct. each. The standard selection will be offered from 0.25 ct. to 1.5 ct.

Swarovski’s new lab created diamonds evolve on the brand’s history, innovation and craftsmanship, adapting those core qualities into the 21st century. The company itself was founded back in 1895.

This year Swarovski’s celebrates its 125th anniversary. Certainly, the brands ability to innovate may be the contributing factor to its incredible longevity.

Credit: Diana Berdi