Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis confirmed that CEO Nicola Andreatta would be stepping down from his role, with the Richemont-owned brand




Andreatta had been at the helm of Roger Dubuis since 2018 and has now chosen to pursue his career outside the group. In his stead, the company has appointed Emmanuel Perrin as interim CEO effective immediately until a permanent successor is announced.

Roger Dubuis was founded by its eponymous watchmaker in 1995 and has since become renowned for its sophisticated craftsmanship, applying an avant-garde approach to horology with iconic designs that merge artistry and technology.

In 2019, the company was awarded a record four Grand Prix awards at the famed Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, becoming the only manufacturer in its category to receive such recognition.

This news comes amid organisational changes for Richemont and other related brands as it seeks to consolidate several of its watchmaking activities. The group is currently undertaking a detailed review of its watchmaking operations, with the aim to make them more efficient.

The namesake founder of Roger Dubuis retired in 2008 and the company is now part of Richemont’s luxury watchmaking division.