The Art of Living Differently


CHARRIOL reinvents “The Art of Living Differently” for every occasion

Saint-Tropez… This legendary icon of the French Riviera is a muse that has inspired Charriol for 30 years. A star that is as glamorous as it is extravagant. But there is also a more secret, complex and intimate Saint-Tropez only known to a select few.


Authentic as well as sophisticated, this range explores every aspect of femininity. Its perfect, delicate proportions and signature steel cable braceletwhich is opened and closed by a nautically inspired chain that anchors it to the wristmake it an original, versatile and fashionable jewelry watch. Each creation in the St-Tropez collection reinvents itself with flair, inviting the Charriol woman to change her watch at will as time goes by.

MAGNOLIA: a flower beauty of Provence

A field of lavender studded with poppies, watercolour hues on the Etang des Salins lake, cherry trees in bloom and sweet figs… Charriol’s brand new jewelry watch celebrates the magic of nature in the French region of Provence.

The 193 coloured stones dancing on the case middle and 30 mm bezel offer subtle reflections of a setting sun on the mother-of-pearl dial, where time performs a ballet of its own.

Quintessentially feminine and a rare tribute to the changing, free and exhilarating beauty of this inspiring land, the new St-Tropez Magnolia is more than just a new model. It is a precious muse. A natural and timeless source of inspiration for Charriol.



Technical features                   ST-TROPEZ™ Magnolia

 Case                                       316L stainless steel, 30 mm in diameter

Bezel                                     steel set with 193 stones: 74 amethysts,

71 spessartites, 21 white sapphires and 27 white diamonds

Dial                                       White mother-of-pearl, 11 white diamonds (0.10 ct.)

Movement                               Swiss quartz, ETA 901, hours-minutes-seconds

Bracelet:                                6 stainless steel cables, two steel décor clips and tips, steel nautical chain and safety clasp

Price:                                              CHF 29,900

Available:                                4 months for delivery