The FHH Forum 2023 – A Convergence of Innovation and Tradition in Horology


The FHH Forum 2023: A Pinnacle Event in Horology

The Fondation Haute Horlogerie (FHH) recently hosted the 11th edition of the FHH Forum at the Maison de la Paix in Geneva, marking a significant milestone in the world of horology. Themed “Horology Futurology,” this year’s forum brought together around 200 participants, including some of the most renowned names in the watch industry, for a day of insightful discussions and forward-thinking debates.

Inaugural Insights and Foundational Discussions

The event commenced with foundational talks by esteemed personalities such as Delphine Bachmann, State Councilor of the Canton of Geneva; Sami Kanaan, Member of the Executive Council of the City of Geneva; and Pascal Ravessoud, Vice-President of the FHH. These discussions set the tone for a day dedicated to exploring the future of watchmaking in an ever-evolving world.

Keynotes on the Future: Macro Trends and Perspectives

Keynote speakers Ian Goldin, Professor at the University of Oxford, and Virginie Raisson, President of the IPCC Pays-de-la-Loire, captivated the audience with their presentations on “The World of Tomorrow: Macro Trends and Perspectives.” Their insights into the significant impact of external factors on the watch sector were particularly enlightening, highlighting the need for the industry to adapt to global changes.

Exploring New Themes: Humans, Nature, and Time

The forum then shifted its focus to the theme of “Humans and Nature,” with Bruno David, former director of the French National Museum of Natural History, advocating for an educational revolution and a stronger connection with biodiversity. This was followed by Inès Léonarduzzi’s perspective on balancing short and long-term strategies for business efficiency, emphasizing the importance of a long-term vision in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Deloitte Study: A Glimpse into the Future of Watchmaking

A significant highlight of the forum was the presentation of the Deloitte study by Karine Szegedi, Managing Partner. The study shed light on key trends within the watch industry, such as the rising importance of India as an emerging horological market and the evolving preferences of new generations. This session provided valuable insights into the changing landscape of the watch market and consumer behavior.

The Future of Customer Engagement in Watchmaking

The day concluded with a panel discussion on “A Prospective Evolution of Watchmaking Customer Engagement,” moderated by Stéphane JG Girod. Panelists Anne-Sophie Scharff, Matthias Fuchs, and Clara de Pirey delved into new trends and the concept of “Retailternainment,” exploring innovative ways to engage with customers in the luxury watch sector.

A Day of Innovation and Tradition

The FHH Forum 2023 not only served as a platform for sharing avant-garde ideas and fostering constructive debates but also echoed the mission of the FHH: to ensure the sustainability and adaptability of the watch industry. It was a day that truly reflected the dynamic and innovative spirit of horology, paving the way for a future where tradition meets innovation.