The historic Timepiece Stars an 800 year old coin



History buffs and timepiece collectors are rejoicing over the Crusader Watch, a men’s accessory that features a genuine 800-year-old coin under its crystal.

The coin is a silver denier of the Crusades, dating back to 1163-1201 A.D. Struck by Bohémond III, ruler of the Principality of Antioch, this authentic coin features a cross pattée with equidistant flaring arms within a circle.

The Crusader Watch complements this historic coin with a brown leather strap and a 21-jewel movement to ensure accuracy and reduce internal friction. Additionally, this watch marks the hours in a narrow window that shows a rotating inner dial and includes the words “Carpe Diem.”

The Crusades were a time of titanic struggle for vast stretches of the Mediterranean that lasted four centuries. During this time, the great armies of Islam and Christianity would duke it out, reshaping the world and forging the national identities we still know today.