The perfect collaboration


Wonderful things happen when fashion forces unite.

Paris, France’s Haute Couture fashion week sees all the latest styles and trends, including a sneak peak of the Faidee and Ulyana Sergeenko joint high jewelry collection.

The collection was unveiled on July 3 by Ulyana Sergeenko, owner of Ulyana Sergeenko fashion house, along with Ravi Lunia, director of Faidee jewelry house.

The catwalk image was perfectly supplemented by a unique collection of jewelry, and both were dedicated to the first ladies.

This season, Sergeenko paid homage to the icon of the first lady. Always at the side of her presidential husband; women as diverse as Raisa Gorbacheva, Nina Krushcheva, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and even Lady Diana, all of whom, are a symbol of progress, kindness and generosity. Being strong females, as well as the voices of all women, first ladies can effectively ignite change.

With regards to the collaboration, “It was a big pleasure working with my dearest friend, Ravi Lunia, on this incredible collection. He is a true artist,” said Sergeenko.

“Happily collaborating with Ulyana Sergeenko, it was natural to proceed with the creation of our joint collection, uniting the sophisticated sense of taste and style of Ulyana and Faidee passion for Burmese rubies and artisanal craftsmanship,” said Lunia. “Ulyana is not only Faidee’s muse and ambassador, but also represents breathtaking beauty and style to us. It was a nice adventure and precious experience to see how the gems were transformed by her, and embodied her charisma, elegance, and her vision of the Burmese rubies,” Lunia explained. “The collection absolutely represents the ‘Faidee style’ – simple and sophisticated elegance.”

The Faidee and Ulyana Sergeenko high jewelry collection consists of devising pearl necklaces finished with ruby cabochon clasps, framed with a scattering of diamonds, as well as ruby earrings, and a ruby brooch with a playful bow.

For the creation of the collection, Burmese rubies had to be united with South Sea pearls and white diamonds, and garnished with 18ct white gold.

Faidee and Ulyana Sergeenko high jewelry collection will be displayed during the jewelry exhibition at Hotel Hermitage, Salon Belle Époque in Monte Carlo, Monaco from Tuesday, Jul. 31 to Friday, Aug. 17.

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