Sister Sensation, with the Appotive Sisters! 

Sister Sensation, with the Appotive Sisters!


Innovation in the New Century:

We are well into the first quarter of 2020 and many are wondering what the rest of this year has in store.

We’ve seen, so far, that the price of gold is set to stay high or even keep rising, Lab-diamonds are making an incredible impact and appearance on the world’s stage as mainstay’s in today’s marketplace with Swarovski and other large retailers joining the lab-created diamond movement. Not to mention, our dependence on and relationship to digital is at an all-time high with every retailer placing a large emphasis on creating and managing their social media platforms to meet the demands of their online audiences and clients.

Undoubtedly, we are surrounded by incredible opportunities that are all part of this innovation. Today’s jewellery industry means so much more than having beautiful products in the showcases waiting for customers to come into the store. Today’s jeweller is part of the innovation happening in and around us at lightning speed. Today’s jeweller is not only an amazing customer service specialist, knowledgeable about their inventory like no other, today’s jeweller is a digital expert and a story-teller.

Can you count how many times someone has walked into your store with their smartphone showing you an image from Instagram asking you if you have it? Our rate of sharing and creating stories is at an all-time high and we must keep up with the creative flow of ideas, images and inspiration to stay current, relevant and cutting edge. That is our new evolution.

Our expertise has switched from knowing what we have to understand what the digital world is telling us we must have. Today, mixing our core knowledge with our ability to work in the digital arena is the ultimate recipe for success. Ultimately, 2020 is about innovation and this is only the beginning.

At the Canadian Jeweller Magazine, we have been preparing for this Digital Innovation for some time with great precision and care. Today, we have our own social media digital platform available for your use allowing you to manage multiple platforms and to schedule content with ease, all from one integrated platform. To stay on top of trends we also recommend subscribing to Google Trends (free of charge) and other similar current trends news outlets.

Staying on top of innovation doesn’t have to be challenging. Today, things are at our fingertips, literally. Welcoming digital experts onto your team might be the next logical opportunity to grow your business where it matters now. 2020 is all about innovation and this decade is not one you are going to want to miss so embrace innovation. It’s a fast-moving train and we all have to get on!

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