True Thai craftsmanship


Source and select the best gems and jewelry at the upcoming Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair (BGJF), organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), has been celebrated as being one of the world’s leading gems and jewelry shows, and is regarded as Thailand’s longest established gems and jewelry fair.

The BGJF, which will have its second fair of the year from Friday, Sept. 2, to Tuesday, Sept. 11, demonstrates the whole spectrum of products and services the industry has to offer. It also shines a light on innovative designs and the latest global trends from well-established brands, to new entries.

The 61st Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair [this past February] was a success in showcasing the strength of Thailand’s gems and jewelry industry to the world,” said Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat, DITP’s general director. “The DITP is certain that at the upcoming 62nd Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair this September, we will see a larger number of exhibitors and visitors enjoying the wide range of gems and jewelry products offered.”

Vivatrat added that the success of the 61st GJF was a step towards the industry achieving the Thai government’s aim of making Thailand the world’s gems and jewelry production trading hub.

“In February, 853 exhibitors participated at the fair, occupying 2,003 booths. Although 747 of these were from Thailand, others came from around the globe, including countries as diverse as Hong Kong, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Singapore, India, South Korea, Israel, Indonesia and Canada,” Vivatrat explained. “A total of US$63 million in trade value was generated both at the show and in advance purchases.”

The Thai gems and jewelry industry has experienced continued growth for many years, with its strength in Thai artisans who are known for their skills in heat treatment, as well as crafting intricate designs, and having outstanding jewelry settings. Furthermore, Thailand is known as one of the world’s largest coloured gemstones trading hubs, while Thai exporters understand the demands of international markets.

“We come here for the gemstones – Thailand is still a great source for colour gemstones – and to meet with our international clients from Australia,” Anita Agrawal the CEO of Toronto-based jewelry manufacturing company, Best Bargains. “BCJF is very accessible and not as costly as other shows. It’s amazing to see intricate designs from the jewelry collections here.”

In order to highlight Thailand’s cultural heritage in jewelry crafting, Vivatrat explained that the 62nd BGJF “will promote the exquisite craftsmanship of Thai artisans who produce a variety of jewelry in both classic and modern styles, which is capturing consumers all over the world.”

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