UK consumers shop more via mobile than US counterparts


According to Scottish media outlet The Drum, a survey has revealed that consumers in the United Kingdom are more inclined to shop online using their mobile devices than their U.S. counterparts.


The data, taken from almost 4,000 online businesses, also determined that mobile has replaced desktop for online shopping in the UK. There, it accounts for 58.7 per cent of purchases, while 54 per cent of U.S. shoppers still use desktop.


The Drum suggests that this points to mobile overtaking desktop, a trend that has long been forecasted.


This data is a wake-up call to retailers who don’t have strong mobile platforms. With consumers increasingly turning to mobile, companies must increase the strength of this medium in order to keep up.
As we head towards Black Friday and the holiday season, consider taking a look at your mobile e-commerce capabilities. You may find that this turns over into increased sales with more tech-savvy consumers.