Valentine Rouge launches new campaign


Valentine Rouge Jewellery has launched a new campaign this month, just in time for SS17.


The new high-end collection, which designer Jenna Iannelli has entitled “HAUTE,” is priced from $450 to $2500. A spectacle of jewels, the line was inspired by an intense passion for enduring glamour, edgy details, and unexpectedly chic design.


Valentine Rouge specializes in gemstone jewellery, which also features sterling silver, gold vermeil, and fresh water pearls. Iannelli is known for her “Neo-Baroque” style, which imbues the luxurious decadence of the Golden Age with today’s modern aesthetic.


The brand’s other collections are priced under $395, making the new HAUTE collection a new venture for the company.


“Haute is higher end,” emphasizes Iannelli. “With it, I hope to attract luxury box stores.”


To learn more about Valentine Rouge, visit the website here, or read our designer profile on Jenna Iannelli here.