Vantyghem Diamonds Wins Award


Company wins gold prize with Hofer Studio at the European Product Design Award for Authentication Plate System

The Vantyghem Diamond Certification and Authentication Plate System™ improves upon the traditional parcel papers used to protect loose diamonds. The thick acrylic plate is laser-etched with diamond specific information regarding cut and quality, as well as tracking numbers. A computer-controlled operation creates the precise void, which presents the diamond upright and is ideal for reviewing under a microscope. The near invisible plate allows the diamond to command attention, and removes the need for tweezers when viewed by potential customers. An outer wrap secures for shipping and storage.

  • Design Director: Joseph Hofer
  • Design Team: Kevin Vantyghem
  • Company: Hofer Studio
  • Client: Vantyghem Diamonds

About Hofer Studio:Hofer Studio was founded by Joseph Hofer, a multiple award-winning Canadian industrial designer. The studio approaches design projects with the user at the forefront, innovating the experience, and building with quality to celebrate and communicate a product’s purpose and value. Collaborating with a number of entrepreneurial ventures focused on the redefining of products based on technology, business, and experience innovations, the studio recently won a European Product Design Award for Pair Knife.