VC-Funded Fine Jewelry Brand Cast Launches Spellbound Collection




San Francisco-based fine jewelry brand Cast is excited to welcome neighbouring Bay Area designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey as their latest guest designer to create an exclusive collection for Cast to add to their growing roster of all-female collaborators. Godfrey’s collection, titled “Spellbound” is a celebration of cool and collected California style featuring natural turquoise in hex-shaped stacks, 14K gold, diamonds and blue zircon.

The Collection launch supports Cast’s mission to bring more discovery, wonder and joy to the fine jewelry shopping experience.

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Rachel Skelly partners with a variety of designers to craft and curate exclusive collections. Every artful piece is distinct yet each can be paired together for layered and unexpected looks. With her unique partnership approach, Skelly has crafted a remarkable global roster of some of the most innovative designers in the jewelry business including Alice Ciccolini, Francesca Villa, Kristy Ford, Stacy Nolan and now Lauren Harwell Godfrey.
“Working with Cast was a collaborative experience that required trust and a lot of care. Rachel has a great love for innovative, eye-catching fine jewelry and I knew that my designs would be in good hands with her and the entire Cast team,” says Godfrey. Godfrey’s Spellbound Collection captures her signature style using gemstones and figurative references from cultures long ago.

Skelly explains, “It’s been a thrill to work with Lauren on this collection. Given my roots in graphic design, I’ve always been so drawn to Lauren’s striking graphic style. Her aptitude for design along with her use of bold gemstones, colour and geometric patterns drew me in and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. It’s been an honour working beside her to bring to life this special collection that is infused with the rich symbolism that is so signature to her style.”

The Spellbound collection celebrates the power of turquoise, known for its ability to captivate and calm. The true beauty lies in the combination of raw meets refined. The natural matrix marbling of this powerful stone stacked against rich 14K reclaimed gold and a radiating pattern of Canadian pavé diamonds create a striking balance. Keeping to the calming blue tones, blue zircon brings an added sparkle and the bold hex shapes bring a graphic structure to the design that is synonymous with Godfrey’s own collection.