Watch brand hosts 8th annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards


Hamilton watches recently teamed up with Los Angeles Confidential magazine to host the 8th annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards at The Ebell of Los Angeles. The event paid homage to the people that work behind-the-scenes for various films.

The watch brand also marked its participation in over 400 movies as well as being a part of the latest sci-fi hit, Interstellar. In the film, Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper wears the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date.

“Watchmaking and filmmaking are similar in that we both share a passion for creating something uniquely beautiful that inspires and touches our audience,” says Sylvain Dolla, CEO of Hamilton International Ltd.

The individuals that were honoured during the event were chosen on the basis of the movies that they appeared in this year and/or qualified at movie festivals like Cannes, Toronto and Venice. CJ