Winnie Harlow glistens on the red carpet in jewelry by Gismondi 1754



Earrings 14K fancy yellow diamond. 4.8K Pear-shaped white diamonds.
Necklace 120.8K Pair shaped white diamonds. 70K Fancy yellow diamond.

Ring (left) 7K Fancy yellow diamond.
Ring (right) 10Kt Fancy yellow diamond. 1K yellow diamond.

Seven Generations, One Passion

“Handmade in Italy, designed for the world.”: this is the motto and basic foundation that marks all jewels created by GISMONDI 1754. In respect of an ancient family tradition, seven generations of people who have dedicated their passion to beauty and painstaking care to detail, Massimo Gismondi constantly looks back and rediscovers the ancient wisdom and skills of the master goldsmiths of Valenza Po.

To make his dream come true, possible only through careful and unceasing research of excellence, the Valenza’s craftsmen turned to their grandfathers or fathers to rediscover techniques for setting diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies and other stones with golden thread so thin that it is virtually invisible. These age-old techniques have mostly been abandoned due to the working hours needed, but were rediscovered and introduced once again in the jewels of GISMONDI 1754, thus enhancing the skills of the master craftsmen, and conserving the traditions of their ancestors for clients of an Italian heritage at risk of disappearing.