Winter in Canada Just Heated Up



The name Dan Bilzerian is synonymous with an outrageous rogue who catapulted himself to fame through a series of shock-value antics. Now the Bad Boy himself is making certain that the highest quality weed will be available north of the border.

Dan Bilzerian

Bilzerian has assembled an affluent grass-roots team, established relationships with the best small-batch, craft producers in the country to bring Canadians potent, reliably pure cannabis products at affordable prices. If you follow the Canadian cannabis business and are aware of CannMart’s model you’ll understand why this partnership makes perfect sense. CannMart is a leading online supplier of everything cannabis which holds a recreational processing/distribution license. Established relationships with Provincial distributors and retailers along with a void to be filled for a quality product, an Ignite and CannMart partnership is sure to head up the Canadian market. 

Ignite and CannMart are planning to launch in the infamous BC market on Friday, March 13th with the full intention of Igniting downtown Vancouver.

When it comes to providing cannabis pre-rolled joints, 3.5 gram jarred flower and .5 gram vape carts, leave that to Bilzerian’s Ignite team who have scoured the country to source uber premium products. Bilzerian is finely attuned to the consumption trends in the North American marketplace, and the legalization of cannabis in Canada allows Ignite to plant solid roots as the first recognizable brand in a lucrative cannabis market.

Bilzerian, who has built his career on outrageous behaviour and managed to arrest the attention of over 30 million Instagram followers, now intends to utilize CannMart’s recreational distribution channels to bring Ignite THC products to market.

Get ready Canada. Winter will never be the same!