World Champion Sean O’Malley and Timex Unveil Dynamic UFC Collection


Timex, a trailblazer in the watch industry, is making headlines once again with its latest UFC collection, meticulously designed for fighters and their ardent fans. The collection’s unveiling is further elevated by the brand’s collaboration with the newly crowned World Bantamweight Champion, “Suga” Sean O’Malley, in their “It’s Suga Time” campaign.

In this captivating campaign, O’Malley, with his championship spirit, intensifies his training. He’s on his toes, expecting professional ninjas to ambush him at any moment. And his trusty companion during these surprise drills? The Timex watch on his wrist, signifying that it’s always ‘Suga Time’.

Shari Fabiani, Sr. VP Brand & Creative at Timex Group, shared, “Our vision was to intertwine fun with fervor. With Timex’s roots in New England and Sean’s recent championship win in Boston, the stars aligned perfectly for this campaign. As we look back at UFC 292, we invite fans to share in our pride and excitement.”

Having clinched the World Bantamweight Championship title at UFC 292 in Boston on August 19, O’Malley has further solidified his position as one of UFC’s standout athletes. His journey, marked by determination and skill, continues to inspire many.

A jubilant O’Malley remarked, “Being the World Champion and representing the Timex® and UFC partnership through our ‘It’s Suga Time’ campaign is an honor. It’s a testament to my journey, the upcoming fights, and the phenomenal new watches.”

Diving into the Collection:

  • UFC Pro Automatic: A masterpiece of elegance and endurance. This 45mm stainless steel octagonal watch, driven by Japanese automatic movement, is water-resistant up to 100m and features a silicone strap, perfect for champions.
  • UFC Shock: Crafted for the rigors of training and combat. Highlights include a shock-resistant black resin case, chronograph, alarm, countdown timer, and the iconic ‘Fight Week 2.0’ pattern from Venum, UFC’s apparel partner.
  • UFC Knockout: A symbol of sophistication and strength. This watch boasts a 48mm black stainless-steel bezel, INDIGLO® backlit display, chronograph, alarm, and is both water and shock-resistant up to 100m.
  • UFC Pro 30th Anniversary Watch (Coming This Fall): A tribute to UFC’s illustrious history. Offered in gold or black steel, this 44mm watch is water-resistant up to 50m and showcases a 30th Anniversary-themed dial.

As UFC’s Official Timekeeper and Watch Partner, Timex® consistently raises the bar with its rugged designs, ensuring every timepiece is worthy of champions.