37th World Diamond Congress to introduce panel discussions


The 37th World Diamond Congress—the biennial meeting of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA)—is set to take place in Dubai from May 16 to 19. This year, the prestigious event will feature a panel component in order to incite discussion among guests.

“For the first time at a World Diamond Congress, we are introducing a panel element with the aim of encouraging attendees to take part,” says Ernie Blom, president of the WFDB. “This should lead to some fascinating exchanges, with highly relevant questions from the floor to the panelists.”

More than 200 key players and delegates from across the diamond pipeline—including diamond-mining countries, producers, and a range of service organizations like banks and labs—will attend this event. This will present the opportunity for WFDB and IDMA representatives to gain international perspectives about the state of the diamond industry as well as cultivate discussion about long-term growth.

This year, the Congress will address various issues, including the work and approach of diamond producers; transparent and viable financing; defending and supporting the industry’s reputation; diamond grading; boosting consumer confidence in diamonds; diamond manufacturing technologies and synthetic diamonds.

“Rough diamond purchases have been encouragingly strong in the first months of 2016,” adds Blom. “I am sure this will be one of the issues that the producers will address and on which they will face questions from the audience.”

For more information on this event or to register, visit the Congress’s website here.