Zales® Offers Limited Edition NFT Gift



Zales® Offers Limited Edition NFT Gift for Its You Are My Diamond Sale

The company launched its first-ever digital token of love, the Zales Digital Diamond Heirloom NFT. Using beautiful 3D renderings and animation that tie in with the ‘You Are My Diamond’ campaign, the Zales NFT allows customers to take affection to a modern dimension with a gift of everlasting love.
Available for a limited time, the Zales Digital Diamond Heirloom NFT is shared as a gift-with-purchase when placing an order on the first day of the ‘You Are My Diamond’ promotion, December 13, 2022. After making a purchase, customers will receive a one-time link to mint their own unique Zales NFT.

“At Zales, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation,” says Jamie Singleton, President of KAY, Zales, and Peoples. “The launch of the Digital Diamond Heirloom NFT is an exciting new facet of our consumer-first strategy to continually engage with our customers, connect with their interests, and provide further value in this modern age.”

Zales partnered with Bitski, an industry-leading NFT platform and wallet, so customers can easily claim, store, and showcase their exclusive NFT. They also partnered with Pebble Ventures LLC, a Metaverse agency, to bring this program to life.