Zales Unveils Designer Edit: A New Era in Fashion Jewellery with SOKO, Shahla Karimi, and Alessi Domenico

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Zales, Diamond Store, has recently launched its exciting Designer Edit, marking a significant moment in the world of fashion jewellery. This initiative is a celebration of emerging talent in the jewellery design industry, featuring collaborations with notable brands such as SOKO, Shahla Karimi, and Alessi Domenico. The Designer Edit by Zales is more than just a collection; it’s a movement towards redefining the jewellery space, embracing diversity, and introducing innovative designs that resonate with fashion-forward consumers.

Revolutionizing Jewellery Fashion with Zales Designer Edit

The Zales Designer Edit is not just a collection; it’s a revolution in the jewellery industry. It brings together unique brands that are making waves in the world of fashion jewellery. These collaborations are a testament to Zales’ commitment to offering fresh, diverse, and avant-garde designs that cater to the evolving tastes of its customers.

Bridging the Gap in Fashion Jewellery: Zales’ New Direction

Kecia Caffie, President of Zales, shared insights into the company’s strategic move. “We noticed a gap in our fashion jewellery offerings,” she said. “Our customers, both current and potential, are increasingly purchasing for themselves, often just because they can.” This consumer insight has led Zales to expand its product range, focusing on self-purchasing consumers who are looking for something unique and personal in their jewellery choices.

Zales x SOKO: Empowering Artisans and Celebrating Craftsmanship

The Zales x SOKO collection is a remarkable collaboration that showcases the exquisite work of SOKO, a Black-owned, women-led jewellery brand. SOKO is known for its commitment to connecting Kenyan artisans with the global market, allowing them to share their handcrafted masterpieces with the world. This collaboration is a beautiful blend of cultural artistry and modern fashion.

Zales x Shahla Karimi: Merging Art, Structure, and Romance

Zales x Shahla Karimi is a collection that diversifies Zales’ offerings in both bridal and fashion jewellery. Shahla Karimi draws inspiration from female architects who challenge traditional design norms, creating pieces that intertwine art, structure, and romance in an elegant dance of creativity.

Zales x Alessi Domenico: Luxury and Tradition Combined

The collaboration with Alessi Domenico brings to the forefront the luxurious and custom creations of this esteemed house. Founded in 1946 as a goldsmith’s workshop, Alessi Domenico is renowned for its top-tier craftsmanship and bespoke jewellery pieces, making this collaboration a highlight of the Zales Designer Edit.

Price Range

The Zales Designer Edit is designed to cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences. The Zales x SOKO collection is priced between $118 and $258, making it an accessible luxury for many. On the other hand, the Zales x SHAHLA collection ranges from $1,150 to $7,680, offering high-end options for those seeking something truly special. The Zales x Alessi Domenico collection, ranging from $2,499 to $63,999, is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity.

A New Chapter in Fashion Jewellery

Zales’ Designer Edit is more than just a collection; it’s a bold statement in the world of fashion jewellery. By collaborating with brands like SOKO, Shahla Karimi, and Alessi Domenico, Zales is not only expanding its product assortment but also redefining what it means to be a fashion-forward jewellery destination. This initiative is a celebration of diversity, craftsmanship, and the spirit of innovation, setting a new benchmark in the