Awards of Excellence 2023


The Award of Excellence, proudly presented by Canadian Jeweller Magazine, carries a profound significance in the world of fine jewellery. Recognized globally as one of the largest, most prestigious, and most influential design accolades, this award represents the apex of creative achievement in design.


Winning the Canadian Jeweller Award of Excellence is a prestigious honour that recognizes exceptional talent and craftsmanship in the jewellery industry with global recognition.
A cash award: A $2,000 CAD to support the winner’s business growth and development.
Industry recognition: A feature in a leading jewellery trade magazine and on an influential jewellery-related websites, showcasing the winner’s work and highlighting their achievements.
Mentorship opportunity: Pairing the winner with an established and respected jewellery designer and fashion designer for a one-year mentorship, offering valuable guidance and insights into the industry.
Exclusive assess:  to industry events, trade shows, and conferences, providing the winner with a chance to connect with potential clients, suppliers, and other professionals in the field.
Marketing support: A comprehensive marketing and publicity package to promote the winner’s work, including professional photoshoots, press releases, and social media campaigns.

This combination of rewards would not only honour the winner’s talent and dedication, but also provide Canada’s best Jewellery designer with tangible bene ts that can help advance your career in the jewellery industry.

Registration fee: $120 per entree


The winner’s reward extends beyond the mere acquisition of the title, into a transformative experience for their business and public image. The prestigious Award of Excellence Design Award Winner Logo, conferred upon the victor, is more than just a symbol. It is a testament to the exceptional design excellence of the recipient’s products and services. This emblem of distinction serves as a powerful endorsement, enhancing the winner’s reputation and standing in the competitive marketplace.



For finalists, the benefits are equally significant. Just being shortlisted for this prestigious award can dramatically boost visibility and credibility, influencing public perception in a positive way.

Don’t hesitate, to submit your innovative designs now! The Award of Excellence Jewellery Design Award and Competition isn’t merely a contest, it’s an opportunity for transformation and recognition on the global stage. Step into the spotlight and let your creativity shine.


Registration fee: $120 + HST per entree


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The Power of Excellence

Winning at the Award of Excellence Gala is more than an accolade—it’s a statement. It’s about demonstrating your unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and vision in the realm of design. Winners here don’t just take home a trophy; they make a mark on the world stage, influencing the trajectory of design and inspiring future generations.

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The Award of Excellence 2023 Rules and regulation

Deadline: September 12th, 2023

Entry Fee: $120 plus HST

Canadian Jeweller Magazine is thrilled to present the prestigious annual Award of Excellence 2023, recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements in Canadian jewellery design, retailing, product development, and watch brand innovation.

Categories for 2023 Competition:
1. Best Fashion and Film Jewellery (NEW)
2. Best Canadian Diamond Design
3. Best Lab-Grown Diamond Design (NEW)
4. Industry Innovation
5. Jewellery Manufacturer
6. Best Coloured Gemstone Design
7. Best Platinum Design
8. Outstanding Canadian Enterprise
9. Outstanding International Enterprise
10. Retailer
11. Young Entrepreneur (Age 40 and under)

Rules and Submission Form:

Eligibility and Criteria:

The Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding designs that demonstrate excellence in specific categories. Each category has its own requirements and minimum value:

1. Best Canadian Diamond Design of the Year Award:
– Design must showcase Canadian diamonds.
– Each diamond must have certification proving its Canadian origin.
– Smaller accent stones may be non-Canadian.

2. Best Platinum Design of the Year Award:
– Design must contain at least 75% platinum.
– It can include a combination of gemstones and gold.

3. Best Coloured Gemstone Design of the Year Award:
– Design must prominently feature colored gemstones.
– Creativity will be a crucial judging criterion.


– Jewellery must be designed and made in Canada.
– All gemstones must be natural; synthetic gemstones are not permitted (students may use CZ instead of diamonds).
– Designers can submit one piece per category.
– Contestants are liable for their designs and jewellery submitted. While we take reasonable precautions, Canadian Jeweller Magazine cannot insure the jewellery.
– We recommend contestants extend their own insurance policy to cover loss, theft, or damage during the competition.
– In each category, three finalists will be selected, and judges will determine an overall winner.
– Entries will be returned via courier at the designer’s expense.
– Winning entries and information provided may be used for promotional purposes.
– Entries will be judged based on originality, creativity, beauty, wearability, quality of workmanship, and marketability.
– Contestants agree to hold Canadian Jeweller Magazine, Time & Shine expo, The RGM Group Holdings Inc, Rive Gauche Media, and its employees and representatives harmless from any claims or legal proceedings.

Entry Fee:
There is a non-refundable entry fee of $120 plus HST per submission.

A distinguished panel of judges comprising Canadian jewellery retailers, designers, and members of Canadian Jeweller Magazine’s Editorial Board will conduct the confidential judging process on Sep 19. The judges’ decisions are final.

Winners will be featured in an issue of Canadian Jeweller Magazine and their names will be used in press releases, magazine articles, social media initiatives, and on the Canadian Jeweller Magazine website. Winners are encouraged to self-promote their achievements.

Entry Checklist:

Please ensure you provide the following information:
1. Complete the online submission form for each piece and attach a hard copy to the nominated piece.
2. Submit the finished piece of jewellery for nomination.
3. Include any additional materials that may assist in the selection process.
4. Pay the entry fee of $120 plus HST per submission.

Make cheques payable to The RGM Group Holdings Inc. or via credit card Click Here. Mail your jewellery design, submission form, and cheque to:

Awards of Excellence
Canadian Jeweller Magazine
920 Yonge Street, Suite 608
Toronto, ON M4W 3C7

Deadline: September 12th 2023