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Gucci forever

Montreal jeweller Bijouterie Italienne welcomed Gucci to its roster of brands in an exclusive event that unveiled unique sets from the Italian luxury company’s...

Hamilton presents Dreams of Flight – A Dream Made Reality

  Two talented individuals, British movie director, Jacob Sutton, and Italian race and aerobatic pilot, Dario Costa, have combined their passion for aviation and cinema...

Cover Story

Lab Grown Diamonds – Monil Shah Valour Lab Grown Diamonds

  At six foot three, Monil Shah strikes a passionate and enthusiastic figure when we meet him on a crisp fall afternoon at his downtown...

Standing the Test of Time

Lou Goldberg Jewellers

Standing the Test of Time

Opposites Attract

Company Profile

Darrell King talks about colour trends in showcase packaging

Darrell King, CEO of Gunther Mele offers his expertise on this year’s colour trends in showcase packaging. He also gives tips on what colours...

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Canadian Jewellery Expos 2019

  TORONTO / International Centre Mississauga 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON, L4V 1E8 August 11-12-13, 2019 Sunday & Monday 10AM - 6PM / Tuesday 10AM - 4PM _____________ There are...


De Beers RVL New Collection

  De Beers RVL is the latest collection from the Jewelry House, available globally from October. Bold and modern in design, the new collection invites...

For the love of animals

Silver & Co's Animal Themed Jewellery collection suits every type of personality! Have your pick at an array of animal-inspired jewellery designed by their...


The Germs On Our Jewellery with David Bellman

  Now is a great time to start having conversations that matter to your clients and to offer services, products, information and conversations that make...

Cardi B Wins Paris Fashion Week

  The rapper’s Instagram video showing her dressed in a face-covering Richard Quinn outfit in front of the Eiffel Tower was the week’s top post, with a...

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse with Canadian Jeweller Magazine

Canadian Jeweller Magazine Canada #1 jewellery business magazine, with its illustrious history spanning over 145 years, is not just a publication but a pivotal entity in the Canadian jewellery industry. This esteemed magazine serves as an essential resource for a broad spectrum of industry participants, including retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers. Beyond its rich content and industry insights, Canadian Jeweller Magazine also plays a significant role as the organizer of The Time & Shine Jewellery Trade Show, Canada’s largest jewellery trade show, and owns Gemify, a digital marketing agency specializing in B2C and B2B digital marketing for the jewellery sector. Here’s a closer look at what sets Canadian Jeweller Magazine apart:

Industry Insights: The magazine offers in-depth analysis of the latest trends, market dynamics, and business strategies, making it an indispensable tool for those looking to stay informed about the Canadian jewellery market’s evolving landscape.

Product Showcase: Featuring an extensive array of jewellery, watches, and services from leading manufacturers and suppliers, Canadian Jeweller Magazine provides a comprehensive overview of the products available in the Canadian market, aiding retailers in diversifying product lines.

Trade Show: As the organizer of The Time & Shine Jewellery Trade Show, Canadian Jeweller Magazine offers exclusive previews and coverage of this key industry event, helping readers plan their participation and stay ahead of industry developments.
Advertising Opportunities: With a variety of advertising options across print, digital, and event sponsorships, the magazine offers a unique platform for reaching a targeted audience of jewellery industry professionals, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Networking Opportunities: Through its events, webinars, and award ceremonies, Canadian Jeweller Magazine facilitates unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing companies to build relationships, showcase their brands, and connect with industry peers.
Digital Marketing Expertise: Owning Gemify, the digital marketing agency specialized in the jewellery industry, Canadian Jeweller Magazine extends its influence into the digital realm, offering specialized marketing solutions for both B2C and B2B segments, thereby helping brands amplify their online presence and reach.

Targeted Reach: With its focused approach, Canadian Jeweller Magazine reaches a dedicated audience of professionals involved in the watch and jewellery industry, making it a powerful channel for industry-specific outreach.

Canadian Jeweller Magazine transcends its role as a publication to act as a comprehensive platform that nurtures and promotes the growth of the Canadian jewellery industry. Through its publication, trade show organization, and digital marketing agency, it offers a multifaceted approach to supporting industry professionals, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to excel in this vibrant market.

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