Award-Winning Canadian Jeweller Magazine Named Official Magazine of Time & Shine International Watch and Jewellery Expo



Toronto, Canada– Canadian Jeweller magazine, a globally recognized and esteemed publication with a rich history dating back to 1879, has been awarded the prestigious honor of becoming the official magazine of the highly anticipated Time & Shine International Watch and Jewellery Expo. The expo, renowned for its celebration of exquisite timepieces and fine jewellery, will take place at CNE Heritage court building from September 19  to 20.

With its legacy of excellence and unwavering commitment to the jewellery industry, Canadian Jeweller magazine has consistently delivered exceptional content and insights to both professionals and enthusiasts. Through its extensive coverage of trends, designs, and innovations, the magazine has become an influential voice in the industry, serving as a reliable source of inspiration, education, and connection for its readers.

Time & Shine International Watch and Jewellery Expo represents a global platform that showcases the finest timepieces and jewellery from around the world. By joining forces with Canadian Jeweller magazine, the expo aims to further enhance its reach and provide an unparalleled experience for attendees and participants alike. This partnership reflects the shared values of both entities in promoting excellence, creativity, and the highest standards of craftsmanship.

“We are thrilled to announce that Canadian Jeweller magazine has been chosen as the official magazine of the Time & Shine International Watch and Jewellery Expo,” said Olivier Felicio, Publisher of Canadian Jeweller magazine. “This recognition is a testament to our longstanding dedication to the industry and our unwavering commitment to delivering quality content that resonates with our readers. We look forward to collaborating with Time & Shine International Watch and Jewellery Expo to bring our readers closer to the latest trends, breakthroughs, and inspirations in the world of horology and jewellery.”

The partnership between Canadian Jeweller magazine and Time & Shine International Watch and Jewellery Expo is expected to create a synergy that will elevate the exposure and impact of both entities. Through extensive coverage, special features, and exclusive interviews, Canadian Jeweller magazine will provide invaluable insights into the expo, further solidifying its position as the go-to resource for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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About Canadian Jeweller Magazine:
Canadian Jeweller magazine, established in 1879, is a globally recognized publication dedicated to serving the jewellery industry. With its insightful articles, comprehensive coverage, and industry-leading expertise, the magazine continues to be a trusted source of information and inspiration for professionals and enthusiasts.