‘Big need’: Owner hopes new business becomes jewel of community



‘As the market is changing, people want something more sustainable, and down to earth. That’s sort of where my edge kind of comes in,’ says goldsmith

Orillia’s newest goldsmithing business, Toadally Fine Jewellery, is looking to fill a “big need” in the community.

Jessica Martin, 36, has been honing her craft in the jewellery business since 2009. The Orillia native has been a “maker” for as long as she can remember.

“I come from a family of makers,” she said. “My dad is a cabinet maker, my mom is an artist, and I’ve always loved working in design and with my hands.” As a child, Martin says she was always fascinated by precious metals, stones, and geology.

“I’ve always been very crafty and artistic,” she said, noting that she got her start at Magpie Bead Co. “I worked there for about seven years, and I just enjoyed the idea of wouldn’t it be neat if we could make our own things.”

Martin says she recently realized there was an opportunity to start her own business after Richard’s Goldsmithing Jewellery Design & Repair closed shop last spring.

“I decided to go for it,” she said, noting that Richard Fallows, owner of Richard’s Goldsmithing Jewellery Design & Repair, and Sarah Mekam, owner of Sarahannedipity, have mentored her through the process. “It’s been lovely having the support of the goldsmith community.”

With the owner of Van’s Jewellery nearing retirement, Martin says she and Carl McRob are the only goldsmiths left in town.