Canadian mine yields 85-carat diamond


Last week, Mountain Province Diamonds announced that is has recovered the largest stone yet from its Gahcho Kue mine.
The rough stone weighs 84.65 carats and will be featured in Mountain Province’s upcoming Antwerp sales. A 53.90-carat diamond from the same site will also be featured.

“The 84.65-carat diamond is the largest gem-quality diamond recovered to date and provides further confirmation that Gahcho Kué hosts a population of large, high-quality gem diamonds,” says Mountain Province CEO Patrick Evans.

Meanwhile, the 53.90-carat rough is the highest-quality large stone the mine has yielded. Evans expects it will achieve a record price at tender.

Prior to this, the largest gem-quality diamond from the Canadian mine was a 67.87-carat stone found earlier this year.