Castro NYC: The Legacy Continues with Sir King Castro


Castro NYC, an astonishing brand known for its exquisite jewelry, is introducing a mesmerizing new phase under Sir King Castro, the devoted heir to the legendary designer, Terry Castro. Terry’s legacy, marked by luxurious gemstones and dazzling designs, transformed his pieces into more than mere accessories.

They became artful narratives. Sir King, having grown up deeply rooted in the world of jewelry, is on a mission to elevate this legacy. After the unexpected passing of Terry in 2022, Sir King returned to NYC, unveiling plans to produce Terry’s one-of-a-kind designs. In a world-class collaboration with Carpenters Workshop Gallery, a retrospective of Castro NYC’s iconic pieces is set for 2024. With Sir King’s unwavering dedication, Castro NYC’s commitment to artistry and innovation remains steadfast, ensuring each creation captures the essence of Terry Castro’s extraordinary vision.