Diamond Foundry Confirms Truth of Rihanna’s Diamonds in the Sky



Company moves beyond Carbon Neutral by crystallizing greenhouse gas into diamond

Diamond Foundry Inc., the Greenhouse Gas Crystallizer™ founded ten years ago in San Francisco, California, today announced it has moved Beyond Carbon Neutral™ by crystallizing greenhouse gas into diamond in its zero-emission foundry in America’s Pacific West — and doing so at MegaCarat scale.

Specifically, Diamond Foundry is crystallizing the greenhouse gas methane into a diamond. A ton of methane (CH4) emitted into the atmosphere creates approximately 84 times the atmospheric warming as a ton of CO2 over a period of 20 years. Methane is 16% of global carbon emissions on a weight basis but with this 84x impact factor it is the predominant component of the global carbon footprint.“When I look at the blue sky, I see greenhouse gas and a future diamond,” said Martin Roscheisen, CEO of Diamond Foundry. “It took us years to prove it at scale but Rihanna was exactly right: Diamonds are in the sky.”