Dominion’s Canadian rough diamond production to develop


Dominion Diamond Corporation’s recent CanadaMark hallmark launch is part of its goal to create a premium for exclusive Canadian rough diamond production. Dominion bought the CanadaMark last year as part of its Ekati mine acquisition. BHP Billiton ran the program prior to the acquisition. The program has been approved by 13 countries and Dominion expects to see that number double by the end of 2014.

“The CanadaMark program represents the company’s commitment to category marketing of Canadian diamonds,” Robert Gannicott, Dominion’s chief executive officer, said press release earlier in the year. “Through this program, [Dominion] aims to highlight the long-term environmental stewardship and social responsibility of the Canadian diamond mining industry, which ultimately will help achieve the highest prices for the company’s diamond production.”

President James Pounds told Rapaport News that for the past few months leading up to the launch, the company has focused on enlightening the clients about CanadaMark’s purpose and how it can enhance their business. CJ

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