Elizabeth Aro not just an artist



Born in Buenos Aires. From the 1990s to 2005 she lives in Madrid, currently, she lives in
Milan. She studied at the University of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. Elizabeth Aro has always
investigated everyday reality according to recurring themes that become precise research
paths: memory, travel, migration, the female condition, loneliness, the search for identity are constantly found in her production: dense and complex topics that over the years have been subtly analyzed and interpreted by her with extensive use of metaphors and visual ellipses in works that have had bright feedback from critics and audiences, wherever she has exhibited. The artist uses always different expressive codes from which she draws with
equal grace and security, according to necessity and inspiration: drawing, sculpture,
photography, textile art, engraving, painting, become in her hands docile tools, which can
from time to time interpret her thought, adapting it to the context and the historical moment.

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