English manor robbed of $1M in heirloom jewels


Last week, $1 million in heirloom jewels was stolen from one of England’s most prominent stately homes. Known as the Goodwood House, the West Sussex dwelling is the estate of Lord and Lady March.

During the robbery, more than 40 items were stolen, including earrings, watches, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Among the pilfered pieces was an early 19th century diamond necklace, valued at $285,000; a diamond tiara from 1820, valued at $570,000; and an emerald intaglio and diamond ring that was gifted from Charles II to his mistress Louise de Kéroualle.

According to the Daily Mail, an intruder used a ladder to enter a second-floor window around 4:30 am on January 13. Lady March heard the disturbance and interrupted the man, who pushed her, struck Lord March in the head, and forced the couple to open the safe containing the aforementioned jewels. The perpetrator then tied up the couple, who were finally released by a staff member at 6:30 am.

A suspect is currently in custody.

“The theft of these beautiful and treasured items have left the victims Lord and Lady March devastated at their loss,” says detective inspector Till Sanderson. “We are doing all we can try to trace the stolen treasures, liaising with auction houses, stately homes, dealers and those with specialist knowledge.” CJ

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