GIA launches app that tracks diamonds through the pipeline

GIA Largest Diamond CJ
GIA Largest Diamond CJ

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has launched a new service that tracks the origins of polished diamonds. Called Mine to Market (M2M), the app gives retailers a new, more detailed way to tell a stone’s story.


With this program, manufacturers send rough diamonds and mining company documentation to GIA. The GIA lab then collects data from each stone, including spectroscopy, morphology, and crystal growth structure. The stone is then given a serial number and shipped back to its manufacturer.


When the rough stone is cut, it can be resubmitted to the GIA for grading. Using the serial number, the GIA examines the stone to see if its characteristics match those submitted at the original inspection. GIA is then able to make definitive verdicts on the origin of the stone.


Then, through an app, consumers are able to read their stone’s story, from the mine to the market. The app can also be personalized with photos and video. Consumers can purchase their info in book form for USD $60.


While the submission process is currently free, retailers must pay to access the full app.