Gucci introduces new customizable watches to attract millennial demand


Luxury brand Gucci’s watches and jewellery division is presenting a new selection of customisable Gucci watches inspired by vintage shapes and design.

The watch features a square steel case with rounded edges, engraved with the GG cube pattern on the back. The light blue and silver dial showcases the Gucci logo and a date indicator, and the Ayers strap reveals a printed snakeskin pattern.

“A range of interchangeable straps are available, offering endless possibilities for customisation or mixing and matching with different outfits. These straps are crafted in white, blue, brown alligator, or bright Ayers leather,” noted Gucci.

The timepiece is also offered as a pendant watch, with a delicate steel clasp at 12 o’clock and an accompanying silver chain. Alternatively, it could be worn with another Gucci necklace or bracelet to create a unique, personalised accessory.

According to Mr Marco Bizzarri, chief executive of Gucci, customisation was “the natural next step” to cater to the demands of its growing numbers of millennial consumers.

“The consumer these days likes to be unique and he makes it clear through their purchases that they want to do as they like,” he says.

“Millennials make up nearly 50 per cent of our business, so it is important for us to evolve and give them a chance to be involved in creating unique products.”