Helzberg Diamonds and British Designer Jenny Packham create new honeybee-inspired bridal jewelry collection



Jewellery retailer continues to lead the lab-grown diamond industry with a first-of-its-kind, yellow lab-grown diamond collection set in stunning 18K yellow gold and platinum, exclusive to Helzberg Diamonds.

The Retailer recently expanded its prestigious partnership with British eveningwear and bridal designer Jenny Packham. Packham once again is setting new and distinctive bridal trends by creating new, honeybee-inspired, GCAL certified, lab-grown diamond engagement rings and bands featuring the introduction of the first yellow lab-grown diamonds set in stunning 18K yellow gold and platinum.

Jenny Packham has been revolutionizing the bridal and fashion industries for more than 30 years. Her inspired, contemporary designs have graced red carpets and showrooms the world over, making her a favourite of Hollywood starlets like Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie, as well as high-profile retailers like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Last year, Helzberg Diamonds partnered with Jenny Packham to introduce the first-ever, colourless lab-grown bridal jewelry collection set in rare platinum which has been a customer favourite coast to coast.

“Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, she brings her glamorous aesthetic to a new capsule collection of five stunning rings featuring yellow lab-grown diamonds set in 18K yellow gold as well as platinum,” said Julie Yoakum, senior vice president and chief merchandise officer for Helzberg Diamonds, a Berkshire Hathaway company. “These new pieces expand her current collection with classic designs that are stunning with the yellow lab-grown diamonds.”

Inspired by the cheerful and warm, golden hue of honey and honeybees, her new collection continues to use the modern glamour and geometric shapes from the golden age of the 1930s, creating a jaw-dropping effect that helps brides feel “elegant and confident.” Each engagement ring bears Packham’s signature star motif located inside the shank of each new design. The new collection is priced from $899.99 to $6,999.00.

“The Jenny Packham Collection marries her distinctive and elevated style with Helzberg Diamonds’ industry-leading quality and craftsmanship. The collection is breathtaking with bridal settings that you simply won’t find anywhere else,” Yoakum continued.

Lab-grown diamonds are the fastest growing jewellery industry category providing more sparkle for the spend.

Lab-grown diamonds have become a favourite of couples nationwide who are taking advantage of the trend in lab-grown diamonds – the fastest-growing category in the jewellery industry today. According to a study released in September 2021 by Allied Market Research, the global lab-grown diamonds market size was valued at $19.3 billion in 2020 with growth projected to more than double to $49.9 billion in 2030.

“As the industry leader in lab-grown diamonds, we continue to see an increase in customers asking for lab-grown diamonds. Since most couples are on a wedding budget, many have gravitated to lab-grown diamonds as you can get more sparkle for the spend,” said Yoakum. “The only difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds is how they are made – either grown in the ground or in a specialized lab.

“Helzberg Diamonds continues to build its reputation on trust, knowledge and breathtaking, high-quality jewellery. We specialize in helping customers by providing endless options to suit all kinds of personal styles and preferences with choices for any budget,” Yoakum said.