As you approach one of the first, and larger, gifting events of the year, here are a few things you need to know about consumer behaviour, courtesy of the National Retail Federation.

Will you be spreading the love for one of the first gifting events of 2019?

You can with Audience Segments from Canadian Jewellery digital marketing division

 Love might not be in the air for everyone, but the opportunity that Valentine’s Day presents to marketers is just too big to ignore. Flowers? Candy? Dinner? North American consumers were expected to spend $19.6 billion in 2018, with 55% of the population planning to celebrate.

Top Planned Spending Categories from 2018

Over half of celebrants planned to use a smartphone to assist with their Valentine’s Day purchase decisions. 36.9% planned to research products and compare prices on a mobile device.

Relevant Audiences

Collect users who share similar unique internet browsing patterns, such as users that have recently visited relevant pages that demonstrate a specific interest.


Based on campaigns targeting audience segments relevant to Valentine’s Day:

Format % Spend Median Bid Avg. CPM*
Native 93% $15.00 $6.50
Display 5% $8.00 $3.00
Video 2 % $30.40 $20.50


Why you should consider Native Advertising?

Native ads are advertising formats that are consistent with the form, style and voice of the platform they appear on.

Native ads are consumed the same way people view editorial content which could attribute to consumers looking at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads and why they tend to register a higher lift in purchase intent (18%) and brand affinity (9%) than banner ads.

The secret to achieving great native advertising is understanding who your audience is, being relevant to them and providing engaging content. And it’s also about being omnichannel because no audience exists in one place alone.

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