Imagem releases word’s first integrated diamond grading machine


U.S.-based diamond grading technology company Imagem has announced the release of the world’s first integrated diamond grading machine. The new grading machine can process diamonds for measurement of light behavior, colour, clarity, fluorescence, proportion, symmetry and digital fingerprinting. The launch of the new machine follows Imagem’s recent technological breajthrough for grading dancy colour diamonds, especially with secondary hues like brown and gray.

According to the company’s official release, the machine is able to do its measurements according to the above factors in under four minutes, and accurately grade 15 diamonds per hour , totaling to 360 diamonds per day with proof of measurement. The GL3200 Grader is able to process the diamond and return to the loading platform under the four minute mark. Results are then displayed on a computer screen following a quality check by a certified gemologist. CJ