“Inspired By Arctic Beauty“, the success story



Since the 1950s, “Designed in Denmark“ has conquered the world with its distinctive features: simple forms, minimalism, functionality and unique value for money.

The Danish line has inspired creatives in design, architecture and art worldwide. The founders of the Danish design style include greats such as Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton. 

Since 2010 within the Danish “façon de faire”BERING Time ApS has been producing unique watch and jewellery collections while establishing its very own design concept. 

The breathtaking nature of the Arctic is the brand’s inspiration, motto and abundant source of new design ideas. 

“Contributing to the protection of this unique landscape and its habitats is very close to our hearts and part of the brand’s DNA and continues to inspire us” Michael Witt Johansen, founder and CEO, BERING Time ApS.

“Bering meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, combined with unbeatable prices. For our customers, this means that every single collection impresses with its puristic elegance, straightforward, clear forms and first-class materials, which time will not leave a trace.” Robert Bixenspanner, CEO, Embix Watch Importing Co.

For some collections, BERING collaborates internationally with acclaimed creative icons such as Max René and the KiBiSi collective headed by the star architect Bjarke Ingels to result in a collection of watches that are both elegant, functional and timeless with a style that’s uniquely their own.

This year the brand capsuled every benchmark to create its “time to care” charity collection, special edition watches for the protection of polar bears. This collection projects Shimmering in cool blue, like the Arctic glaciers, the two charity watches from BERING’s Time to care collection are now available for our retail partners. 

For each model sold, the brand will donate $15 to the charity to PBI, Polar Bears International. The clear design and ultra-flat housing made of robust,  shiny stainless steel make the models timeless, and durable, within the brand’s design DNA to reflect the eco-responsibility that BERING has undertaken.

The collection is very unique as the watch and wristband in this special edition are seamlessly and firmly connected,  without edges, making the watch very elegant. This cool, sleek look retains its Arctic inspiration and Bering creative tradition. With its dazzling sunray dial and gold-tone hands, model one evokes the play of sunlight on ice.  A special highlight is the addition of a real diamond. The second model, also in cool tone-on-tone blue, features an unusual wave pattern. The smooth  Milanese wristbands are harmoniously colour-coordinated and comfortable to wear. Both watches are perfectly protected from wind,  weather,  and scratches thanks to their crystal clear sapphire crystal.

Time to care collection is not the only eco-responsibility collection that Bering has undertaken, in a matter of fact the true Arctic environment is even deeper engraved into the Ocean Pebble collection. The fascination with the deepest, coolest blue of the Arctic Ocean is highlighted in the new, ultra-flat women‘s watch with a mother-of-pearl dial, which thanks to its natural pattern makes each piece unique. Sparkling zirconia stones set into the dial underscore its elegant appearance.

“Year after year we are impressed with the brand’s ability to keep its design pedigree and test its acceptance before launching a new collection.” Bering’s head office also pays attention to our needs and respectfully appreciates our own expertise of the Canadian Jewellery market and how Canadian shoppers have
a unique fashion flare.”
 Raphael Bixenspanner, EVP of sales & marketing, Embix Watch Importing Co.

Indeed, since 2017 Embix Watch Importing Co has exclusively been the Canadian distributor and the voice of Canadian jewellers to the BERING. Since its distributorship Embix Watch Importing Co not only increases the brand’s market share but also streamlines a dedicated repair assembly within its Montreal repair center so that every retail partner is at peace with the quality and speed when a Bering watch is being sent for service or repair. Embix Watch Importing Co constantly maintains a large number of parts not only for Bering but for every brand they carry.

Embix Watch Importing Co, understands that having an excellent product is only part of the battle. “If you want to play in this game, you have to be prepared to constantly reinvent the way you do business and how you bring consumers to your retail partners” Joel Bixenspanner, VP Marketing.  What we are looking for in our retail partners is their openness to let us help them with their digital marketing obligations. Joel is a strong believer that it is not about just having the right product in their showcases but despite the little or lack of digital resources a partner may have, Embix Watch Importing Co’s partner programs are in place to elevate the jeweller’s business. “ their success is our success” Robert Bixenspanner.

BERING is certainly an excellent brand for new partners to experience our digital suite, from our 24/7 online ordering desk, repairs and services dedicated BERING specialist,nto social media, content management and PPC free marketing suite. 

“When new retailers inquirie about BERING, we don’t just ship every collection, we go through the process to understand the Jeweller’s vision, the client based, where his consumer flow is missing, what other products that are in their store, how they are marketing their store so that I can present the right product mix.” Ushie Braceiner VP Purchasing and procurement. 

A BERING dealer’s success is measured by the number of repeat sales and the new consumers walking into the partners’ doors asking for BERING.

“We too had to learn and adapt to this new marketing age so we can have all the tools that  our partners can benefit “  Robert Bixenspanner.