Instappraise to offer educational jewellery appraisal software through a new partnership with George Brown College



Makers of the ultimate productivity tool for jewellery appraisers and retailers,
Instappraise is proud to announce a new partnership with George Brown College for its
jewellery and gemmology programs.

The jewellery and gemmology programs at George Brown represent one of North America’s largest and best-equipped jewellery schools, offering the only full-time gemmology certificate program in Ontario. The expert faculty members teach students hands-on skills while they work with precious metals and gems in a state-of-the-art environment.


Through this new collaboration, the college will be offering Instappraise’s cutting-edge and
easy-to-use jewellery appraisal creation and management solution to all current students and recent graduates.

Additionally, graduates of the Jewellery and Gemmology Programs will benefit from a free 1- year subscription to the Instappraise platform, post-graduation, completely free of charge, to help kickstart their career in the jewellery and gemmology industry.
Paul McClure, professor and program coordinator at George Brown College stated:

“This is an awesome tool for our students to learn and use. Instappraise prepares them
for the future of client quotes and appraisals. The cloud-based platform makes it so
simple to use and it’s fast, professional, and slick.

It’s like Silicon Valley has come to the traditional jewelry store! With Instappraise I feel confident that our students are prepared for the future of the retail jewelry industry.”
– Paul McClure, Professor & Program Coordinator

School of Fashion & Jewelry | Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology
George Brown College

George Brown College Jewellery and Gemmology professor Gillian Lie, BSc, RMV, CDG
HRD, FCGmA, FGA stated:

“If anyone is looking to expand their company so that they can easily have documents
created and organized for clients, then Instappraise is the answer. It makes it so easy to
create documents, like appraisals, quotes and diamond gradings and to keep them
updated for the clients. The platform is easy to maneuver, and the company is so
friendly and easy to work with.

Instappraise makes creating professional documents an easy and efficient task. The pricing can be linked to multiple membership subscriptions and is updated regularly. One of the best parts is that it is so mobile. When you have to carry a lab set up with you, being able to create the documents from a tablet device is wonderful.”
– Gillian Lie, BSc, RMV, CDG HRD, FCGmA, FGA, Professor, Jewelry & Gemology
School of Fashion & Jewelry | Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology
George Brown College

“We are excited to be working with George Brown College and their jewelry and
gemology students. Providing the best possible tools available to today’s students is crucial to help prepare the next generation of jewelry and gemology professionals for tomorrow’s challenges.

We believe the Instappraise Platform is the perfect educational tool for future
gemologists and jewelry appraisers and will help them excel in a traditional industry operating within today’s digital age.“

– Raphael Boivin, Founder & CEO of Instappraise, Inc.