Kingsmen Ltd. adds Les Georgettes to its roster


With their versatility and trendworthy style, Les Georgettes’ collections—Kingsmen Ltd’s latest brand partnership—make a gorgeous addition to any wrist or finger.


Les Georgettes is an innovative French concept featuring fine metalwork jewelry. Each piece is inset with vibrant, reversible, and interchangeable leather bands, making for an extremely versatile accessory.


Consumers may create their own collection of personalized Les Georgettes, with different leather bands, metal designs, and metal finishes to suit any mood or outfit.


Les Georgettes is a joint creation by Groupe GL Altesse, France’s leading jewellery manufacturer, and Texier, a leather goods manufacturer in Brittany. Officially recognized as part of France’s National Heritage (Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant), both companies are part of the Renaissance Luxury Group.


“Mark, our president, and I were inspired by the management, history and strength of the Les Georgettes and its parent company RENAISSANCE LUXURY GROUP, We could instantly see the quality and spectacular design that was created by France’s leading jewellery manufacturer ALTESSE and leather from TEXIER,” says Leonard Isayev, CEO of Kingsmen.


“We believe the Les Georgettes brand will stand as a pillar to the long term success of Kingsmen’s diversified portfolio of watches and jewellery,” he adds. “This product has entered the market at a key time: it is important to create something fresh, customizable, high quality, and well-priced. Les Georgettes undoubtedly fits the bill.”


To view the full collection, click here.