Kingsmen Ltd. to be the new Canadian distributor for TI SENTO Milano


Kingsmen Ltd. has announced that it will be the new Canadian distributor for TI SENTO Milano, with the first official launch taking place at Expo Prestige, which will take place from August 26 to 28 in Montreal, Que.

“We have been looking to balance out our jewelry portfolio for a little while now,” says Leonard Isayev, CEO at Kingsmen. “We have the Les Georgettes from Paris collection, which is unique, beautiful and luxurious, and Paul Hewitt, which is our mid-tier watch brand, and now we will have TI SENTO Milano, which is the precious metal sterling silver jewelry collection we’ve been looking to acquire for some time.”

Isayev explains that during his time living in Europe, he worked with distributors who carried Ti Sento’s jewelry, “so I knew the background, success and quality of the brand, I know what it is capable of for our retail partners and for their customers. We wanted a brand that produced a strong, precious metal collection, but also has the right consistency and fluidity that we are looking for, and TI SENTO is that brand.”

Being 90 per cent classic and having a 10 per cent modern twist with designs inspired by flower buds, Isayev believes that the brand’s jewelry will be the kind that Kingsmen will want to continue to offer in the next 30 plus years.

To continue to add to their portfolio, Kingsmen will also be introducing an award-winning designer brand for women’s watches in Fall 2018, which retailers can look forward to within the upcoming weeks.

For retailers looking for more information, contact Kingsmen at 416-631-8380.

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